Horse Drawn Services

Horse drawn services for all events

Horse drawn services

Quality horse drawn services

For a quality service from the experts

  • Over 35 years of experience with horse-drawn vehicles
  • A small selection of vehicle types – carriages, wagon, Santa sleigh 
  • Company run by enthusiast with genuine feel for heritage events
  • We can transport the horses and horse drawn vehicles to your area
  • Covering Greater Manchester and Lowestoft
  • Film and promotional work undertaken

Horse drawn boats are extremely rare nowadays on the inland waterway system - on canals and rivers. Although our canals were built for thousands of horse-drawn boats, with a towing path for the horse to walk on whilst pulling a boat, only 5 operators now exist in Britain with their own horse and boat. A horse-drawn boat is now much rarer than a steam train, evoking similar feelings of nostalgia and pride in our heritage.

If you wish to take a cruise in one of the horse drawn boats, then you must hire a steersman, as well as a horse driver. This is because of the need to have a trained horse driver with the horse at all times whilst on the move. This provides safety for the horse as well as for the people enjoying the cruise. 

We must make clear that the boats cannot be transported to a particular location; the customer must travel to the boat.

For historic transport in a contemporary setting, give Horse Drawn Enterprises a call on 07711 121 056

Potential uses

•  Carrying guests of honour e.g. MPs, Mayor. We have carried Fred Dibnah, Paul Atterbury (Antiques Roadshow), Robin Evans (BW Chief Executive), MPs etc.
•  Experience Days, allowing the person who is paying or has been invited to steer the horse-drawn boat (like with steam trains)
•  Hostel boat use with some crew and/or passengers staying on board overnight in "hostel" accommodation on the boat
•  Carrying token cargo loads or larger loads e.g. 10-20 tons, like limestone/coal/cotton/cheese etc. 
•  TV & film work
•  Re-enactment work or living history set in other time periods
•  Demonstrations of horse boating and tunnel legging at events 
•  Horse boating skills and experimentation: techniques, fly-boating, multiple horse use etc.
•  Training courses for staff, volunteers or public
•  Access for the public onto boat for activities like storytelling, small puppet shows, workshops e.g. rope-work tuition classes, creative writing. 
•  Sales stand e.g. souvenirs related to horse boating: postcards, tea-towels, models, colouring sheets

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