Weddings & Special Occasions

Vintage carriages

Weddings & Special Occasions

Wedding carriages


Our vehicles are drawn by a single horse or a pair of horses, and are authentic period pieces. The carriages are made with the craftsmanship and elegance you would expect from the Victorian or Edwardian period. 

The winter carriage is enclosed, with glass windows and doors to protect passengers from the elements. The summer carriage has a hood which can be folded down to create an open carriage if the weather is suitable. All vehicles are solid colours such as grey or black or bay.

Our carriages are available to hire all year round, but due to inclement weather they get more use in the summer months. Bookings are taken from the areas of Greater Manchester and Lowestoft, but we can transport our carriages to you on a trailer, whilst the horse would be brought in one of our horse boxes, contact us with your needs.

Of course we would like to guarantee that you will have a particular horse on the day but sometimes due to injury or lameness in the horse it's just not possible. Here at Horse Drawn Enterprises we take great care of our horses and although they are big and strong and very active, they're just like us and can have 'off days'. We use cob horses, a great animal for pulling carriages and other wheeled vehicles. 

For that special touch on your wedding day or other occasion, give Horse Drawn Enterprises a call on 07711 121 056

Special Occasions

Horse Drawn Enterprises offers a small selection of period carriages for special occasions. The carriages are Victorian or Edwardian, built circa 1890-1910. The horses are supplied working as a single or pair. We can offer our services to areas including Greater Manchester and Lowestoft, but contact us with your requirements and we can try and help. 

We are happy to help fulfil your needs for your special occasion, and have experience working on a variety of events such as:

•  Weddings
•  Anniversaries
•  Birthdays
•  Carriage outings
Carriages for special events
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